Thursday, September 5, 2019

We Need Real Men!!

The world will go the way of the free countries within it.  The free countries go the way of the greatest free country, America.  America goes the way of her religious bodies.  The religious bodies go the way of the families that make them up.  The families go the way of the marriages and the marriages go the way of the men that lead them.  If we do not get the manhood of the American fathers back...the whole world is doomed. 

Today men are soft, selfish, sculpt their bodies and wear designer sunglasses.  They chase women like they are different types of cuisine at different restaurants and they raise their children like they are burdens OR toys to play with and put back on a shelf until later.  

More than anything, the world needs men again.  Real men! Hard working, self-sacrificing, wife loving, women respecting, child raising, pickle jar opening, hand holding, money saving, walk taking, talk having, stay to the bitter end, never give up, back bone having men!!!

The majority of the evils that The Church is having to face today can be traced back to weak or absent men and Jesus already knew that it would come to this when He walked the Earth. He told the church from the beginning that a man was to keep his house in order and rule his family well.  He also told the church in it’s inception that many of her continual efforts were specifically to be toward THE FATHERLESS, THE WIDOWS, THE ORPHANS....Those without real men in their lives!!

Viable studies show that the majority of abortions are performed on women that have no “father of the baby” involved, the majority of federal prison inmates were raised without a father and the majority of rapists were raised without a father.  We also have studies concluding that most prostitutes had no father in the home or were abused by their father or a father figure.  

One more.  There is a study recently out, claiming that almost all mass shooters in the modern American era...were raised by a single parent…No father! 

Christ’s teachings were right from the beginning, they are still right.  We had a stirring and a little preaching about this just a couple of months ago.  Please don’t let it be just another fleeting thing.  Lives, souls…our community, culture and society depend on us!

-Rev. D. Todd Sloggett

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