Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Holidays in My World

     As the holidays approach and the end of another year draws nigh, my mind always seems to wander back over time.  I am sitting here thinking about all of the ones that I can remember that we have been so blessed to have crossed paths with.  The hurting, the hopeless, the broken and shattered.  Those that were addicted to drugs and alcohol, pornography and gambling.  Those that had done wrong and those that had just been done wrong.  Those that we were sent to encourage and those that were sent to encourage us.  The children, the adults and the aged.  The spirit of Christ that beats in my heart wants to hug and help each and everyone of them.  I cannot understand why people need more things, more than they need to help the needy.  I love the life of giving.  I wake up every morning with the hope of another chance to show someone else Christ.  These pictures are for all of you to see and enjoy.  I don't need them.  Their faces are burned into my mind.  If I want to see them all I have to do is close my eyes.  These are a few of the ones that we have fed, loved, befriend, won to Christ, preached to, taught, become family for, helped get off of their addictions, reinstated back into society and been blessed by.  Once again I want to say that OUR DONORS AND SPONSORS ARE MY HEROES!!!  You allow me to live the greatest life in the world, the life of giving all for the cause of Christ.  Enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you for giving to help the cause of these ministries!