Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Donate Smart. Give to people you know and people that have to be accountable.

     PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU DONATE!!! The American Red Cross gives over $650,000.00 a year "plus expenses" to their top employee. The March of Dimes spends, (you guessed it), 10 cents of every dollar donated on community service and medical benefit projects. The other 90 cents goes to staff. The United Way gives over $375,000 plus expenses plus bonuses to its top employee. The head employee of UNICEF is given $100,000 PER MONTH, that's right, over 1 million dollars a year PLUS EXPENSES and a rolls royce to drive. The owner and top employee of GOODWILL made 2.3 million dollars last year. He got all of his goods donated, sold them for profit, paid all his employees minimum wage and gave ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS to help ANYONE. Goodwill is a corporate business only.
     If you have a giving heart and want to make a real difference please consider giving to HOLINESS MISSIONS TO AMERICA. We are a true non-profit and our programs are small and run very efficiently and prayerfully. If you would rather give even more locally than HMA just check out our affiliates or give to a local Holiness church that has clothing banks, food pantries and bus kids. These are signs that they are really caring and really trying to be biblical.
     Any questions please see our website at www.holinessmissionstoamerica.com.

Late night, winter baptism at the overflowing creek!

Last Friday in LA, (Lower Alabama) there was a youth service n a little country church near Frog Holler, about an hour east 

of Mobile. Several troubled youth n the area got under conviction n began to pray n seek God. A particular 18 year old 

young man was saved and set free. He had a very strong urge to b baptized immediately. So HMA evangelist Larry Wayne 

Davis n crew took the whole church at 10pm at night, n pitch blackness, n 40 degree weather, down to the overflowing

 banks of the creek. Several members of the young man's family that do not attend church were called on the way to the 

creek and they showed up to witness the beginning of a new life. With flashlights, blankets n towels they made their way 

through the woods to the cold muddy water......and God met them there. HALLELUJAH!!! Here r a couple of the only grainy 

dark witnesses of the event that were recorded on this side of eternity but there is a more permanent record somewhere!

Please pray for all the efforts of Sister Helen Stewart, Fretwell Tabernacle, The Davis Family and all of the ministries that 

God is using in Perdido, Alabama.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost there!

Less than 49,000 to go to our half a million party!!!  Our website has over 450,000 visits and we are excited about hitting half a million. Visit our site, look around and tell us what u think. Special thanks in advance to Pastor J.r. Smith, Pastor Earl Wayne Hma Tulsa, Pastor Joel Rowland, Pastor David LambRevival TabernacleYouth, Bethany Holiness Church, Pastor Darrel Toliver, Pastor Phillip Deane, Pastor Eddie Deane, Pastor Terry Guthrie, Pastor Leon Rich, and of course my heroes, the HMA staffers that make it all happen on the streets of America every day!!!  www.holinessmissionstoamerica.com

Monday, February 4, 2013


     On Sunday February the 3rd 2013 I truly believe that hell got a little weaker.  About 30 students fro the Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho, Missouri got up early in the morning and drove 2 and 1/2 hours to Bethany Holiness Church where a joint effort between Bethany, HMA and the OBI team (known as "REACH")  joined forces and attacked inner city Tulsa with our weapons of Christ.  No, we didn't go down town and scream at all the whores and idolaters and remind them that they were going to hell.  We didn't protest or picket anything or anybody.  (By the way I am not necessarily condemning any of these things as much as I am making sure that the record is straight on what WE DID).  We fueled up our vans and buses the night before.  Prayed our prayers everyday in advance.  Attended revival all week and checked our own lives and spirits first.  Had some ladies cooking a good hot meal that they had starting the day before.  Had a phone number specifically for rides and flyers with the number on it spread all over down town for months in advance.  Took the phone calls, planned and mapped routes.  Secured drivers, adjusted plans as necessary.  Had clothes and personal items being dropped off, sorted and put out for distribution day after day.  Set up the sanctuary just in time.  Brought prostitutes, homeless people, drug addicts, drug dealers, mental patients, gang members several of your average drunks, hurting, broken, scared, scarred and ultra poor people from all over the area.  Introduced them to several people that were ex-everything that they were, now that God had saved, healed and delivered them.  Sang with them, testified with them, preached to them, reached for them, prayed with them, loved them, befriended them, fed them, ate with them, talked to them, provided clothes and toiletries for them and in a very careful and calculated way, told them the truth about many things that will be of great use to them here on this earth and after.  There were 100 people in the service.  Many of them have been saved, several healed in a service here, just like this one.  They brought their friends and family members to share in their experience and hopefully get one for themselves.  Some had been here many times, some a couple times and some were here this time for the first time.  Some were young, some were old, some were high, some were straight, some were dirty, some were clean, some were black, some were white.  It didn't matter.  The environment was secure and all was well.
     During the service some were fidgety and uncomfortable, some slept and caught up on a little rest, some stood and clapped, some sat a wept.  No one got out of line or unruly and The Spirit of God eventually settled down amongst us.  By the time we were in the altar call, everyone in the room, (staff, homeless, bus drivers, bus riders, OBI students), all were either standing and worshipping, kneeling and praying and crying, or sitting quietly.  We had made it to the place that all of our efforts were for.
     When it was over we served and fed our guests from the streets of Tulsa and then we cleaned up after them and took them back to their homes and shelters.  Next we were blessed to be fed ourselves, (The OBI team and the outreach staff) by Rev. James Burgess.  We ate, fellowshipped and laughed for a couple ours and then cleaned up again.  Next we were able to take many of the students and staff to our facility in down town Sapulpa where Brother Earl Wayne Krumsiek and I gave them a tour of The Saving Place, The Disciple House and HMA"s general office.  As if all of this wasn't enough, just a few hours later we were back in revival service at Bethany Holiness Church, where roughly 250 of us or so, (OBI team, Bethany Holiness Church, Burgess family and several other guests had some more church.  AND THEN.....believe it or not, we went back out to the fellowship hall and ate more of Brother Burgess' beef and fixins, fellowshipped some more and cleaned the kitchen up again, (for the third time in one day).  The "REACH" team then had to dive their 2 and 1/2 hours back and we all went home and thanked God for another chance to serve Him, His creation and His cause!!!
     Now, you may think that the whole process of passing out flyers, picking people up, bussing them in, sorting clothes, cooking and feeding, setting up service and all of that is a pretty big deal to have to go through just for one service on one Sunday, well...............so do we.  So we do it every Thursday night and every Sunday at least.  Remember folks.  OUTREACH IS NOT AN EVENT, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!  It is an ON GOING part of our doctrinal belief system.  If you tried it once and it didn't work....that's why it didn't work.  Because you stopped doing it.  Pray for us here at HMA, our home churches, outreaches and affiliates.  And please pray for my friends, the staff and students at Ozark Bible Institute.  I grow more impressed with them every day.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fight with FACTS!

     I have dealt with several people lately that seem to be caught in a strange place where they fear they are lost, or they have horrible bouts with anxiety over going to hell, etc.  They are almost always people that were saved and serving the Lord and then one day they just started having these anxieties, fears and depressions over being lost, or not doing enough for God to accept them anymore or no matter how “hard” they pray they just don’t fee God like they used to and so on.  Here is my latest response to someone in a situation like this.  

     The FACTS r that Christ (the Son of God) died on Calvary of His own free will. Then He rose again of His own power and authority. He said that "whosoever will" could come to Him. He stated His purpose was to seek and save that which was lost. These r all FACTS. IF u repented and surrendered to His will then he is just and true to His word. He WILL save u. Now it is up to u to walk n His marvelous light. If by chance u r not saved it is because of some sin or secret sin that u have withheld. Jesus does not tempt people or tease people. God does not hide yur help right out of reach. U may b going through a trial. That happens, but u cannot let it get u to the place that u don't believe the facts of salvation. Perhaps u r looking for a specific feeling. U may or may not get that feeling. But it doesn't change the facts. Yur faith must b n Christ and His word not a specific thought, feeling or action. Saved is saved, there is no gray area. There are highs n lows but not ins and outs. U must pray n concentrate on THE FACTS OF SALVATION!!! U do not have to live any other way than how the rest of us do. U may feel His closeness at times and not at other times but yur strength and faith and trust is n what He already did and that cannot b undone unless u sin and refuse to repent. Try to force yurself to respond to these feelings factually more than emotionally. Emotions r fine but emotional and spiritual do not always equate.

I hope this helps someone today.
Your humble servant,
Rev. D. Todd Sloggett