Saturday, December 16, 2017

Why Do MEN Support Abortion?!

For the longest time I struggled with what kind of weird twisted thinking could possibly go through the minds of people that are not pro-life!  I mean, just the fact that they were allowed to be born so that they could think about this concept should challenge their ideas.

I don't even understand how it became a woman's right issue or a health care issue.  The facts, stats, science and social climate doesn't even support being non-pro-life.  And then something happened.  Something that only could have clicked if it came at just the right time under just the right set of seemingly unconnected circumstance.

I saw a statistic that said "77% of all pro-choice leaders are men".  BAM!!  A light came on.  Now to be fair, if I had read this 9 months ago, 3 years ago....I would have most likely just skimmed right over it and moved on.  BUT.......

I will do my very best to not convolute this and keep it simple and clear.  Most of you will know exactly what I am talking about and some of you will pretend not to.  But it will be too late.  I will have already connected the dots for you.

If you take the facts that a) we probably live in the most selfish society and culture ever b) our culture and societal influences have brought us to the point where everyone is trying to get out of all possible responsibilities.  It is always, my parent's fault, societies fault, the governments fault, the white man's fault, the Mexican's fault, the black people's fault, the Republican's fault, the Democrat's fault, big government's fault, big business's fault, Walmart's fault, the Oil executives fault..........a bad raising, a bad crowd that I got in with, the rules are prejudice against me, etc. etc. etc.

Then you add c) the monopolizing, monetizing and sexualizing of women.  As an adult male with three grown sons, a grown daughter, two daughters in law and a granddaughter, I can hardly go                                anywhere or do anything in America anymore without considering the sexuality factor.  There are inappropriate men and women, sexual innuendoes and blatant sexuality in literally every aspect of life anymore.  Sex sells so sex rules.

Now you add d).  Male dominated abuse of power.  (see my last blog about Harvey Weinstein).  Over the last several months, it has been brought to light over and over and over again how men that have great power, wether through money, politics, fame or religion, can abuse and cover up their inappropriate sexual desires, dominance and abuse of women.

Now, you take these 4 factors of a belligerent and backslidden society and add one more little thing and you touch off a powder keg.  The little thing....guilt.  It crossed my mind that if you have a bunch of men that have learned to be selfish, taught to not take responsibility for their actions and they want to have inappropriate sex with women that they have power over.....OF COURSE THEY WOULD BE PRO-ABORTION!

#1 It leaves a way to erase the damning life long evidence and #2 It makes them appear compassionate to all of the other women that they haven't abused yet.  Consider this and you may finally realize why there is such a large percentage of men, driving the pro-choice movement and how that particular movement is still about men sexualizing and abusing women and having a legal and "compassionate" means to make some of their problems, burdens and guilt go away so that they don't have to own their responsibilities and they can continue their selfish ways.

My Humble Musings,
Rev. D. Todd Sloggett

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