Monday, September 2, 2013

Musing, praying and driving

     I was encouraged so strongly by the Lord today as I drove the 1-75 corridor through Atlanta for the umpteenth time.  He showed me again how the devil uses such sly tactics to get us off course and off focus. If we are not very careful he will get us narrowed in on fighting against somethings so much that we never fight for anything.  We feel deep and spiritual because we are taking a hard stand against some terrible thing and we end up in a fight to the death over something that isn’t going to end up meaning a hill of beans in the end.  As we make our plans and our strategies on how to stop the pin hole leaks in the dam, we overlook the fact that the reservoir has been bone dry for years. Sometimes we are so worried about getting rid of that one bad element that we miss the opportunity to bring in a hundred good ones.  We spend all day scrubbing the bugs off the grill and shinning up the tires only to realize that when the emergency call comes in and we jump in the car to go help someone.......we are out of gas.  Oh dear God in heaven please, please, please help me not to major on the minors and minor on the majors!!!