Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One day, one step, one soul at a time.

     A little over a month ago I had been mildly looking around for something to replace my old car with. I drive all over the country working for the different ministry groups and my car is getting very high miles and high maintenance. My wife told me that she had seen a nice used Cadillac or something over by our bank at a residence so I went and looked at it. Very nice car, way out of my range. The man that showed it to me is about 70 yrs old and is the elder of a very predominant business family in the Tulsa area. He recently got married and we were talking bout this and that when he asked if I was the guy from The Saving Place. I said that I was and gave him one of my personal cards and left. He gave that card to his new wife because she had a grandson that had been strung out on drugs and causing a lot of problems for quite some time. The next time that she saw her grandson she gave him my card. He admits that he had no intention of ever using it. What he didn't know is everything that was about to happen. His grandmother got in contact with me and I began to advice the family on what to do about the young man and how to handle him. It drove him to the bottom very quickly and he ran out of options before he knew what hit him. He finally did contact me just expecting some sort of "church, charity" type handout. Some money or a motel room. Instead I told him that he needed to enter the shelter so that we could monitor him and get him to church and prepare him for some sort of program. He blew me off and tried all kinds of games and schemes for a week or so and it only made things worse for him. Then he finally came around and we put him in the shelter and began to help him work things out. After he got some rest and some food for a couple days he started working with us at the thrift store. He went to church while he was in the shelter and we got his I.D. and his Indian Registration Card. We pulled a few strings and got him put on a short list for a thirty day sobriety program and my son Justin ran him all around getting all of his ducks in a row. He was different than most, a little more beat down and a pretty tough nut to crack, but we just kept loving him and being straight and stern with him. And finally today came. He has been clean this time for 20 days and he has a spot in the program. He is going in today at 2:00pm for a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 60 days. He feels like he needs this or he won't stay clean. This is a picture of him and I in my office as he came to part ways with me for a little while. He asked for a hug. I gave him one. Then Justin and I prayed for him. He began to cry. He wept for a minute and then he had to go. Pray for him. God probably just saved his life.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Your life is too precious to waste on yourself!

     A young lady that we worked with a couple of years ago was one of the worst drug addicts that I had seen in a long time. She caused us all kinds of grief, ran circles around us and made a mockery at times of us trying to help her. She attempte
d multiple suicides by overdose. We fought elements of resistance from hell, demons, doctors, family members and churches over trying to just keep her alive long enough to get her some help. It was ugly, it was stressful and it got very complicated. I am not going to call her perfect by any stretch but she is better. Much better. Her life was ruined, destroyed and over, just a couple short years ago. But today she lives a very normal life for someone who was where she was. Now I want you to know that all of her accomplishments are because of a loving, caring, merciful God and I know that. But my little part in it all was finally paid back last night. This young lady has been clean for a long time now and she has since not only revived her own life but has gone so far as to produce another life. I was blessed to see him, hold him and take him to the altar last night so that he and I could have a little prayer and thanksgiving time back to the One that created him and that spared his mother. I love you Jesus!!! I am still willing to work for you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November and December Newsletter for HMA

                                                                                                                                       Nov/Dec 2012

Greeting from HMA,
     I want to share with you several things that have been going on with us lately and invite you to help bare the burden of sharing the Lord’s gospel to the masses.
     First of all we have gotten very involved lately in reaching for “high risk” children.  Children of alcoholic, addicted, imprisoned or nonexistent parents.  Here is a picture of about sixty bus kids from Pastor Lamb’s in Richmond, KY.  All brought in out of ghetto housing and ultra-low income government projects.  Kids that if not reached now will be our next, drug addicts, pimps and gangsters.  Two of our ministers, (Myself and Pastor Rowland), have been invited to speak in public schools starting next week.  Myself in Oklahoma and Pastor Rowland in Kentucky.  I have spoke, taught and counseled before in the Tulsa public high school system.  
     Next I want to show you some more pictures from the homeless, addiction and street ministries that we have been working on for over 6 years now.  One is a visiting minister, (Rev. Don Rich), preaching the unadulterated gospel to a group of about 50 mesmerized homeless people in one of our morning services.  Many prayed for salvation that day.  Then we have a very large group of homeless people.  Probably about 200 in total that are being fed at our Christmas for the homeless program last year.  If you notice there are several small children in the picture.  Yes, many of them are homeless.  Most of the children that we work with are what is referred to as “part time homeless”.  They go to school and live in shelters or friends houses but by all real standards they are homeless.  This last picture is of four young men praying in our altars.  All four of them go to the mission.  They are or were homeless and at least three of them have an addiction problem.  The one at the bottom in the light colored shirt actually worked his way up through our jobs program by volunteering at our thrift store and we eventually helped him and his wife get jobs and an apartment. 
     Now that it is already November I need to plead with you about funding.  The holiday season is the most expensive time of the year for us to do American missions.  Many of you have been so good to give extra during the run up to the holidays over the last few years.  Thank you and God bless you richly for that.  Please consider these last few lines carefully and prayerfully.  Our missions to the streets of America are growing by leaps and bounds.  We have homeless, addiction, battered women, high-risk teen, high-risk child ministries and three traditional churches all going at one time.  We still need the big bumps in giving that so many of you have been able to do during this time of year and at our major fundraisers etc.  But what HMA needs most, is even more consistent giving.  The more that churches, families and individuals can give regularly, the better.  Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even annually supporting on ANY level will help us plan and spend more efficiently.  God bless you for all that you do for us and please pray for us here at HMA as we strive to do all that we can to expand the reaching of the Least, the Last and the Lost!!!  Merry CHRIST-mas and have a very Christ like holiday season.